Unshelved comic strip for 7/16/2005

Comic Con Diary: Saturday

Saturday is the longest day at ComicCon, and I felt every minute of it. It doesn't help that I haven't been sleeping that well and that I seriously miss my family. We handed out a lot of flyers (we printed 5000 and are almost out) and sold a healthy, but not huge, amount of stuff. We have definitely done better this year than the previous two, and will probably end up in the black overall. More importantly, we have let many, many people know about our strip and hopefully made lots of new fans.

I decided to be a good friend and let Gene attend the Serenity panel. He reported that the sound wasn't very good and although there were good bits I didn't miss out on that much. Phew!

The Webcomics 102 panel went quite well. The subject - building your audience - is really the hardest. There's no science and not necessarily lots of transferrable information on this topic. But the panel - Dave Kellett, Rich Stevens, Kristopher Straub, Scott Kurtz, and James Kochalka - still talked a lot and cracked everyone (including me) up. Most interesting tidbit: Rich has advertised Diesel Sweeties in magazines aimed at young women, like Bust. Afterwards many people thanked me for setting up the panel and said it was very informative. I even sold a book and shirt to one of the members of the audience. Tomorrow at 1:30pm we'll discuss Making Money, something everyone probably has lots to talk about. I am very curious to hear what they have to say.

I have been toying with the idea of starting a con sketchbook - basically an autograph book for artists. But as I watched Robyn Moore work the Strangers in Paradise booth without Terry I had an idea. I decided to start a sketchbook for Spouses of Famous Artists. Robyn started things off with a lovely stick figure of a girl, followed by Frank Cammuso's wife Ngok with her rendition of Frank's Pig character. Aaron Williams' wife Cristi drew a hot air balloon with some guidance from Phil Foglio, and Scott Kurtz's wife Angie drew a great Skull. Tomorrow I hope to find some husbands of Famous Artists.

Tomorrow morning is our opportunity to preregister for a booth next year. We have some decisions to make. Part of me wants to take a year off. Part of me wants to move over near the other webcomics. But most of me thinks that this location worked well, and we should just spring for a corner booth. Gene and I will discuss tomorrow morning over breakfast. Then we'll hopefully sell lots of books and shirts, I'll do a great last panel, and we'll pack up and go home.

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