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The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on September 26, 2014 tagged coming of agescience fiction
    Anais is sent to a futuristic prison for troubled Scottish teens after beating a policewoman.

Memorial by Chris Roberson, Rich Ellis (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on September 12, 2014 tagged fantasygraphic novel
    Em has no memory of who she is. In a curiosity shop she finds a key which leads to a new world and her destiny.

Havana Requiem by Paul Goldstein (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on February 6, 2015 tagged mystery

Folly The Consequences of Indiscretion by Hans Rickheit (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on December 19, 2014 tagged graphic novel
    A graphic novel that reads like a series of creepy dreams.

The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on September 20, 2013 tagged coming of agescience fiction

Dodger by Terry Pratchett (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on May 3, 2013 tagged historical fiction

Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on January 3, 2014 tagged coming of agefantasy
    Tess and her friends flee charges of witchcraft but find safety, magic, and healing in the forbidden Dragonswood.

The Half-life of Facts Why everything we know has an expiration date by Samuel Arbesman (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on November 22, 2013 tagged nonfiction
    Arbesman’s history of information shows that facts change as we examine them and adapt to an ever-changing world.

Torn by Stephanie Guerra (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on October 11, 2013 tagged coming of age

Space: 1999: Aftershock and Awe by Andrew Gaska, Gray Morrow, Miki, David Hueso (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on December 25, 2015 tagged graphic novelscience fiction

Fallen Words by Yoshihiro Tatsumi (2012)
    Reviewed by wally on November 27, 2015 tagged graphic novel

The Storyteller by Katie Cook, Colleen Coover, Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos, Marjorie Liu and Jennifer L. Meyer, Roger Langridge, Jordie Bellaire, Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler, Paul Tobin, Evan Shaner, Ron Marz, Craig Rousseau, Ronan Cliquet (2011)
    Reviewed by wally on March 21, 2014 tagged fantasygraphic novelshort stories
    An old storyteller and his dog share folktales by a fire.

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths by Shigeru Mizuki, Jocelyne Allen (2011)
    Reviewed by wally on November 13, 2015 tagged biographygraphic novelhistory

The Table Comes First by Adam Gopnik (2011)
    Reviewed by wally on June 21, 2013 tagged cookbooknonfiction

Networked: Carabella on the Run by Gerard Jones, Mark Badger (2010)
    Reviewed by wally on July 18, 2014 tagged graphic novelscience fiction
    Socially networked shoes and intelligent hair extensions combine to threaten the world.

Voice of America by E.C. Osondu (2010)
    Reviewed by wally on August 1, 2014 tagged short stories
    Stories on the tension between Africans and Americans, traditional and modern values, young and old, rich and poor.

Infinite City A San Francisco Atlas by Rebecca Solnit (2010)
    Reviewed by wally on September 5, 2014 tagged artessaysnonfiction
    Cartographers, artists, and writers show views of San Francisco through unique maps and essays.

Inherent Vice by Thomas Pynchon (2009)
    Reviewed by wally on July 11, 2014 tagged literarymystery
    Doc Sportello investigates a plot against his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, a real estate mogul.

Cairo by G. Willow Wilson, M.K. Perker (2007)
    Reviewed by wally on March 14, 2014 tagged graphic novelparanormal
    A stolen hookah that’s home to a jinn sets in motion a tale of destiny.

Dog Years by Mark Doty (2007)
    Reviewed by wally on May 27, 2016 tagged biography

My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell (2004)
    Reviewed by wally on July 3, 2015 tagged classicliterary

The Thought Gang by Tibor Fischer (1997)
    Reviewed by wally on August 22, 2014 tagged literarymystery
    An alcoholic philosopher and his would-be robber go on a crime spree.

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway (1996)
    Reviewed by wally on August 29, 2014 tagged biographyclassic
    Hemingway’s memoir about his time in Paris after WWI.

The Evolution Man: Or, How I Ate My Father by Roy Lewis (1994)
    Reviewed by wally on April 1, 2016 tagged historical fictionhumor

The Magician's Wife by Jerome Charyn, François Boucq (1987)
    Reviewed by wally on December 4, 2015 tagged graphic novelmystery

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