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Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E. Volume 1 - This is What They Want by Warren Ellis , Stuart Immonen (2007)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on April 30, 2010 tagged graphic novelhumorsuperhero

I Shall Destroy All Civilized Planets by Fletcher Hanks, Paul Karasik (2007)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on May 7, 2010 tagged graphic novelhistoryscience fictionsuperhero

Dead Robin (Gotham Central Volume 5) by Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker, Kano, Stefano Gaudiano (2007)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on August 17, 2012 tagged graphic novelmysteryshort storiessuperhero

Empowered Volume 1 by Adam Warren (2007)
    Reviewed by dawnrutherford on January 4, 2013 tagged graphic novelsuperhero

Six Degrees of Devastation (Secret Six) by Gail Simone, Brad Walker, Jimmy Palmiotti, Karl Kerschl (2007)
    Reviewed by sarahhunt on December 2, 2011 tagged graphic novelsuperhero

Godland by Joe Casey, Tom Scioli (2007)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on December 9, 2007 tagged graphic novelparanormalscience fictionsuperhero

Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman (2007)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by billba on October 21, 2007 tagged superhero

Sharknife Stage First by Corey Lewis (2006)
    Reviewed in the form of a comic strip by geneambaum on February 17, 2008 tagged graphic novelsuperhero

Astonishing X-men Volume 1 by Joss Whedon, John Cassiday (2006)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on August 27, 2010 tagged graphic novelsuperhero

Teenage Revolution (Legion of Super-Heroes Volume 1) by Mark Waid, Barry Kitson (2005)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on February 17, 2012 tagged coming of agegraphic novelsuperhero

Up, Up, and Away! (Superman Adventures) by Mark Millar, Aluir Amancia, Terry Austin (2004)
    Reviewed by billba on February 22, 2013 tagged graphic novelsuperhero
    The Man of Steel battles Mr. Mxyzptlk, the Parasite, and others, in modern adventures with a classic feel.

JLA Earth 2 by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely (2000)
    Reviewed by billba on October 26, 2012 tagged graphic novelsuperhero

DC Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook Good food kids can make themselves by Mark Saltzman, Judy Garlan, Michele Grodner, Dr. Joan Gussow (1981)
    Reviewed by geneambaum on May 11, 2012 tagged cookbooksuperhero

Superman: Miracle Monday by Elliot S! Maggin (1981)
    Reviewed by billba on March 25, 2011 tagged superhero

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