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Boneshaker by Cherie Priest (2009)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 22, 2010 tagged alternate historyhorrorthriller

The Boom How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World by Russell Gold (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on May 2, 2014 tagged nonfictionscience
    A detailed look at the benefits and consequences of the rapid growth of hydraulic fracking.

Boom, Bust, Boom A Story About Copper, the Metal that Runs the World by Bill Carter (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on August 24, 2012 tagged nonfiction

Bootleg Murder, Moonshine, and the Lawless Years of Prohibition by Karen Blumenthal (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on October 28, 2011 tagged history

Boxers & Saints Boxed Set by Gene Luen Yang (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on August 9, 2013 tagged coming of agegraphic novelhistorical fiction

Boy21 by Matthew Quick (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on August 26, 2011 tagged coming of age

The Boy in the Moon A Father’s Journey to Understand His Extraordinary Son by Ian Brown (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on March 16, 2012 tagged biographynonfiction

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on June 14, 2013 tagged coming of agethriller

Boys Among Men: How the Prep-to-Pro Generation Redefined the NBA and Sparked a Basketball Revolution by Jonathan Abrams (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 8, 2016 tagged nonfiction

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler: Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club by Phillip Hoose (2015)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 15, 2016 tagged coming of agehistory

The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier (2007)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on March 5, 2010 tagged paranormalscience fiction

Broke, USA From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc.How the Working Poor Became Big Business by Gary Rivlin (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on June 25, 2010 tagged history

Buried in the Sky The Extraordinary Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2’s Deadliest Day by Peter Zuckerman, Amanda Padoan (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on July 27, 2012 tagged nonfiction

Burning Midnight by Will McIntosh (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on March 18, 2016 tagged coming of agescience fiction

Butter by Erin Jade Lange (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on August 3, 2012 tagged coming of age

Caged Warrior by Alan Lawrence Sitomer (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 25, 2014 tagged coming of age
    A teen fights in underground MMA matches to finance his father’s love of women and drugs.

Caleb's Wars by David L. Dudley (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on September 30, 2011 tagged historical fiction

Camp Midnight by Steven T. Seagle, Jason Adam Katzenstein (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on October 28, 2016 tagged coming of agegraphic novelhorror

Can You Survive Antarctica? An Interactive Survival Adventure by Rachael Hanel (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on July 22, 2011 tagged chapter bookhistory

Can You Survive the Titanic? An Interactive Survival Adventure by Allison Lassieur (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on July 22, 2011 tagged chapter bookhistory

Captive My Time as a Prisoner of the Taliban by Jere Van Dyk (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 29, 2011 tagged historynonfiction

Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on June 29, 2012 tagged coming of agehumor

Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman (2015)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 9, 2015 tagged coming of age

The Chitlin' Circuit and the Road to Rock 'n' Roll by Preston Lauterbach (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on October 7, 2011 tagged historynonfiction

Cinderella Ate My Daughter Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture by Peggy Orenstein (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on March 16, 2012 tagged coming of agenonfiction

Circus Maximus The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup by Andrew Zimbalist (2015)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 24, 2015 tagged nonfiction

The Cleanest Race by B.R. Myers (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on October 26, 2012 tagged nonfiction

The Clockwork Three by Matthew Kirby (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on September 17, 2010 tagged science fiction

The Code (Spy X Book One) by Peter Lerangis (2004)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 15, 2011 tagged chapter bookmystery

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 13, 2012 tagged coming of agehistorical fiction

Code Word: Geronimo by Capt. Dale Dye, Julia Dewey Dye, Gerry Kissell, Amin Amat (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on November 25, 2011 tagged graphic novelnonfictionthriller

Colder by Paul Tobin, Juan Ferreyra (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on October 25, 2013 tagged graphic novelhorrorparanormal
    Nimble Jack feeds on the insanity of the mentally ill who can see the hidden Hungry World.

Colin Fischer by Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on August 31, 2012 tagged coming of agemystery

The Colombo Bay by Richard Pollak (1999)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on February 7, 2014 tagged nonfiction
    A journalist experiences five weeks as a sailor on a container ship.

Compromised by Heidi Ayarbe (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on September 17, 2010 tagged coming of age

Confessions of a Hostie by Danielle Hugh (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 31, 2014 tagged biographynonfiction
    A veteran flight attendant tells all.

Confessions of an Ivy League Frat Boy A Memoir by Andrew Lohse (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on October 3, 2014 tagged biographycoming of age
    Lohse’s memoir of the out of control, mean-spirited, depraved hazing required to get into a frat at Dartmouth.

The Confidence Game: Why We Fall For It... Every Time by Maria Konnikova (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on February 5, 2016 tagged nonfiction

A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on March 9, 2012 tagged science fiction

Console Wars Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation by Blake J. Harris (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on May 30, 2014 tagged nonfiction
    How Sega took on Nintendo in the early 1990s.

Constable and Toop by Gareth P. Jones (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on January 2, 2015 tagged paranormal
    An afterworld bureaucrat must track down a missing ghost and stop a spectral disease.

The Contract by Derek Jeter, Paul Mantell (2014)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on September 5, 2014 tagged biographychapter book
    Young Derek Jeter writes a paper about his dream of becoming a NY Yankee. His teacher says it’s too unrealistic.

A Crack in the Sky by Mark Peter Hughes (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 8, 2011 tagged coming of agescience fiction

Crazy Rich Power, Scandal and Tragedy Inside the Johnson & Johnson Dynasty by Jerry Oppenheimer (2013)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on November 8, 2013 tagged biographyhistory
    Johnson & Johnson’s success brought wealth to its founders, but a lot of trouble to their heirs.

Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge (2015)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on May 8, 2015 tagged coming of agefantasy

The Dark City Relic Master Book 1 by Catherine Fisher (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on May 6, 2011 tagged fantasy

Dark Energy by Robison Wells (2016)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 1, 2016 tagged coming of agescience fiction

The Dark Knight Trilogy The Complete Screenplays with Storyboards by Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, Jonathan Nolan (2012)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on December 14, 2012 tagged graphic novelsuperhero

Dark Life by Kat Falls (2010)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on April 30, 2010 tagged science fiction

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (2011)
    Reviewed by flemtastic on July 15, 2011 tagged fantasyromance

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