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ALA 2010 Programs Guide

Here are a few programs I’m looking forward to at ALA later this week, mostly because I’m a big book and comic geek. Boldfaced programs feature Bill and/or me in some capacity. Complete information can be found via ALA Conference Services Programs and Sessions.

Friday the 25th

Drink and Draw
6 - 7pm Exhibit Hall Graphic Novel Pavillion
Witness the artistic talents of Amy Ignatow (The Popularity Papers), James Kochalka (Superf*ckers, American Elf), Andy Runton(Owly) and the fabulous Fillbach Brothers (Star Wars: The Clone Wars Adventures), plus Bill and me. Fear what will happen if they let me near a pen.

Saturday the 26th

The Art of Graphic Novel Collection Development
10:30 - 11:30am Graphic Novel /Gaming Pavilion Stage
Come find the best approaches to select, shelve and promote great comics for kids, tweens, teens, and adults. I'll be moderating the panel and trying to find out why, if you're a librarian, you shouldn’t just buy the comics you like.

The Best Manga You're Not Reading
11:30am - 12:30pm Graphic Novel / Gaming Pavilion

Readers' Advisory Research and Trends Forum RUSA - CODES
4-5:30pm 204B/C
This year the forum is looking at how images act as the narrative itself, or how they work with text to create and extend narrative. I’ve been asked to replace Tom De Haven talking about comics. I’ll be running through some of my favorite moments at a breakneck pace for about 20 minutes, plus a short Q&A. The other two panelists, Nathan Altice of Virginia Commonwealth University and Daniel De Simone of the Library of Congress, will be talking about video games and illuminated manuscripts. Should be fun.

Science Fiction and Fantasy: Informing the Present by Imagining the Future
4 - 5:30pm Washington Convention Center -Ballroom B
Distinguished science fiction and fantasy authors will discuss the visionary nature of their craft, how speculative literature suggests new ideas and technologies, and the possible impact the ideas could have on society in the future. Presented by LITA Imagineering IG. Speakers: Cory Doctorow, Tor Books, Author; Jane Lindskold, Tor Books, Author; Cherie Priest, Tor Books, Author; Brandon Sanderson, Author; Dom Testa, Tor Books, Author
(WHY does my presentation have to be at the same time as this program? WHY??)

Cosplay On Parade (Cocktail Reception)
4: 00 - 5:00pm Graphic Novel /Gaming Pavilion Stage
Librarians in cat ears and Sailor Moon outfits plus alcohol. Nothing could go wrong. Help me pressure John Shableski to dress up.

Sunday the 27th

Not So Extreme Makeovers
1:30-3:30pm Washington Convention Center -151B
We hear so much about the negative stereotype of how library employees look and dress. This program will take a positive spin on those oft-depicted items in the library staff member's closet - focusing on enhancement rather than change. It will also go deeper into our image, about what we "say" to others through not just our clothing, but our posture, communication styles and general "vibe." You will leave the program rejuvenated and excited about new ways to let your light shine without plastic surgery, couture designers or hypnosis.

Judging the Eisner's
2:00 – 2:30pm Graphic Novel /Gaming Pavilion Stage
The Eisner Awards are considered to be 'The Oscars' for the comics publishing industry and in 2005 librarians were invited onto the judges committee for these prestigious awards. What was the experience like? What impact have the Eisner's had in the library market since that first librarian (Kat Kan) was invited to become a member of this exclusive club.

Good Comics for Kids: Building a Collection of Graphic Novels for Young Readers
4-5:30pm Washington Convention Center -152A
Graphic novels are moving out of the teen section and into the rest of the library. With so many new titles released every month, building a graphic novel collection for kids can be a daunting task. Join comics experts from School Library Journal's Good Comics for Kids blog as they discuss what comics and graphic novels are, why they are important to include in children's libraries, where to find them, and how to evaluate them.

The Laugh's on Us!
5:30-7pm Grand Hyatt -Independence A
Mark your calendar! Comedian and ALTAFF spokesperson Paula Poundstone will headline this evening featuring Julie Klausner, Jim Breuer (from Saturday Night Live), Kathy Kinney (Mimi on The Drew Carey Show), Ed Ugel, Stephanie Dolgoff, and Roy Blount, Jr. Wine and cheese will be served, and a book signing will follow. Some books will be given away free and others will be available for purchase at a generous discount. Purchase tickets early to this event, which is always a sell-out. Event Code: ALT2

Monday the 28th

Great Graphic Novels for Teens: Ground zero for a cultural shift in American publishing.
9:15 - 10:15 Pop Top Stage
Just to make sure you’re completely sick of me, I'm introducing this panel. Graphic novels have continued to enjoy tremendous growth throughout the first decade of this new millennium, but the most influential element in the success of the format has been the librarian. The team of librarians who were brought together to form the Graphic Novel Task Force for YALSA led the way to the creation of the Great Graphic Novels For Teen Committee. What was the experience like? How has the library world changed since that moment? Where are we headed next? Can a librarian change the world? Most definitely! I hereby promise to be off the stage as quickly as possible.

Superbooks: How Graphic Novels Can Save Your Library with Amazing Circulation Numbers
12:30 - 1:30pm POP TOP STAGE
Circulation drives funding, it’s a basic fact of the library world. The creation of a dynamic collection of graphic novels has been a boon to libraries all over the country. It’s not surprising to see where graphic novels representing 15% of a YA collection can generate well over 50% of the circ for the collection. What does this mean for the rest of the books in your library? It’s not an argument to replace all the prose titles with graphic novels. It’s an amazing argument for including graphic novels in your collection. In fact, you will wonder why it took so long to discover the reasons.

Graphic Novel Editors: The Masters of Design
2:30 - 3:30pm POP TOP STAGE
The editorial processes for the graphic novel format can be fairly similar to that of prose and yet it can also be so completely different. These editors represent a “new school” of opportunity for the world of editors. The art of editing a book of art presents an entirely new set of rules and these editors are at the forefront of the industry. How do they choose the books to work on? How does the relationship with the creator affect the end product? This panel will provide an inside look to the elements involved. David Saylor (Scholastic); Betsy Mitchell (Del Rey) Maggie Lerhman ( Abrams) Margaret Maloney( Bloomsbury USA) and Glenn Kardy ( Manga University) Moderator: Eva Volin, Alameda City Library

5:30-7:30pm Washington Convention Center -103A
Battledecks represent the ultimate challenge for a public speaker as they are challenged to give a coherent presentation based on hand-selected, seemingly unrelated slides that they see for the very first time live on stage. This competition, often referred to as “PowerPoint Karaoke,” will see eight brave and willing participants compete for the glory of being crowned ALA’s reigning Battledecks champion. The participants will face judgment from a panel of four judges, with the winner to be determined based on a variety of criteria and general overall awesomeness. Hilarity, along with some learning, is guaranteed for all!

Update: The Collection Development panel is on Saturday, not Sunday. Mea culpa!

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