Unshelved comic strip for 4/5/2010

What would YOU ask Nancy Pearl?

Bill and I are going to be interviewing Nancy Pearl live, onstage, at Book Expo America (in New York City) on Thursday, May 27th at 2pm.

We love listening to Nancy talk about books. But we love Nancy most when she's giggling like a super villain and skewering us with her wicked sense of humor. We're going to talk to that Nancy. I'm sure books will come up, but we're willing to ask he almost anything. For a sneak preview, check out the trailer.

We'd also like your help. Is there a question you always wanted to ask Nancy Pearl? Post it over on Unshelved Answers. Make sure you vote for other questions you'd like to have asked, too.

We're hoping the audio of the interview will be available online after BEA, but can't guarantee it. If you're going to BEA, register here to get a chance to win lunch with Bill and I. Bill promises to chew with his mouth closed this time.

Reading Road Trip 2010

Unshelved is sponsored this week by Little Brown Young Readers, who invite you to take a Reading Road Trip this summer.

Our buddy Victoria Stapleton was really excited about this website, and she is right - it's really well designed and super fun. In addition to featuring hot new books for the summer and classic series like How to Train Your Dragon and Mysterious Benedict Society you can download and print out postcards for your kids to mail back to you when they've read the book in question. A great idea! Click on over and have a look.

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