Unshelved comic strip for 1/9/2007

Book Expo America: Librarian Friendly

This week's sponsor is Book Expo America (BEA), a conference about, well, books. But it's not just any book conference. It's a really big, really comprehensive book conference. It's a bookfest. It's a bookanalia. It's booktopia. And this year it's Librarian Friendly, with special discounted rates for librarians.

So head on over and check it out. I'm planning on being there myself. Which reminds me, I need to go talk to BEA about my proposed slogan for next year's conference, "Cartoonist Friendly".

Arty art art

In this, my second week of trying to do most of my pencilling with an actual pencil, I'm particularly proud of today's strip with Buddy falling off the ladder (as opposed to falling off the wagon, something else he's good at). This was a hard one to do, with important figures in the foreground and midground, a complicated piece of action to convey, and a dialogue-busy last panel. But there I was on an airplane yesterday morning with nothing better to do, so I just kept pencilling it until it was right. And if it doesn't look right to you, don't break it to me yet. I'm still glowing.

This Unshelved strip

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