Unshelved comic strip for 5/16/2007

Pimp my Bookcart Controversy

The Racine Public Library is doing a Pimp my Bookcart teen program based on our contest. It has led to some controversy over the library's use of the word "Pimp".

We got a few negative emails ourselves, but they were overwhelmed by the hundreds of contributions from across the country featuring incredibly creative work from over a thousand adults and teens, and the great reception on the Web to the winners.

We're not the most controversial of comic strips, but we do get our fair share of complaint mail. I think the common denominator is that the people who are upset want to be upset. After all, being self-righteous is quite a trip. But I think the question to ask is, are people really being hurt? Is the name of this context putting more women into prostitution? I suspect not. Is it perpetuating a "gangsta culture"? Who can say? But to those who argues that it is, I say that parody dilutes said culture. If you can laugh at it, you take power away from it. And that is a pretty good mission statement so far as I'm concerned.

And yes, we're planning on holding another contest. We're working out the details now...

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