Unshelved comic strip for 5/9/2006

Seattle Times gets Unshelved

I always hoped I'd see our comic strip in our home-town paper, and I guess my wish has come true with this article about Unshelved in today's Seattle Times. Reporter Marc Ramirez interviewed us a few times and watched us speak at WLA last month, where he had a chance to speak to our fans. He even looked up our friend Nancy Pearl for a quote. I don't know if this will lead to fame and fortune, but it sure is fun to see our smiling faces (and Dewey's) in the paper.

Article Errata: It used to be true that 90% of our readers work in libraries, but these days we've gone more mainstream. That number is down to about 75%, which with 30,000 readers means a solid 7,500 of you need another excuse to be enjoying our brand of humor. And that photo of Gene and me? That was our "goofing off" pose. It stands to reason that was the one they chose for the article...

This Unshelved strip

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