Unshelved comic strip for 4/1/2006

Oklahoma, OK!

Gene and I had a grand time here in Tulsa, OK, where we spoke at the Oklahoma Library Association annual conference. Folks were ultra-nice and helpful, and I immediately started saying "Y'all". Gene and I spent a good part of yesterday taking a long hard look at our talk. We cut some bits that were much beloved by us but didn't seem necessary, and added some new bits that, as it turned out, went over very well. It's a leaner, funnier talk now, better suited for the gritter world of 2006. Next week we'll take it to Salem, OR for that other OLA - the Oregon Library Assocation.

Emerald City Comic Con

After years of tiny amateurish Seattle comic conventions I was pleasantly surprised at the size and professionalism of last year's Emerald City Comic Con, and was leaning towards having a booth there. Our talk in Tulsa ended up conflicting, but I'm going to try to stop by tomorrow with at least one of my kids. But you should go. The Cartoonists Northwest table is selling our books and bookbags, and you should stop by and say hi to the local cartoonist talent behind Penny Arcade, Last Kiss, Scooter & Ferret, and lots of others.

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