Under Water

Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble getting work done right now?

This sounds awfully naive for someone who has lived on three continents, but losing a whole city doesn't sound like the sort of thing that's supposed to happen in America. We can't stop hurricanes, but we're supposed to have the scientific and civil expertise to shuffle people out of harm's way and return them safely afterwards. We're supposed to have the engineering brawn to keep a city from going under water. We're supposed to have the manpower to swiftly rescue refugees even when everything else goes wrong.

Instead New Orleans, one of my favorite cities, is under water and will be for weeks or month. Many of its people are dead or suffering. A whole city's worth of people - a city nearly the size of Seattle, to bring it home - has to be relocated. "Excuse me governer, New Orleans needs a place to crash." The city itself will never be the same again.

I'm not complaining. I'm not blaming anyone. I realize this just overwhelmed everything and everyone and it may have been completely unavoidable. I'm just having trouble getting my head around this. And a lot of trouble being funny.

Good luck, Cajuns.

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